A Little About Me

Council House, Market Square, Nottingham

I am a local amateur photographer based in Clifton, Nottingham. The major focus of my photography being the county's urban and rural landscape aswell as a passion for wildlife.

A keen interest in wildlife and invertebrates was a major factor in influencing my decision to take up photography from scratch in 2009, primarily focusing on macro-photography, my subjects; the county’s overlooked and often miss-understood invertebrates.

As a macro-photographer, you'll often find me throughout the spring and summer months burrowing around in the undergrowth at many of Nottinghamshire’s nature reserves and open spaces, looking for a variety of illusive insects to photograph. If you encounter a strange man with a camera hiding in a bush, don’t be alarmed, chances are it's me!

“Life at this scale is frequently overlooked by many, with most people unaware of the beauty, complexity and diversity of life right under their feet.”

Over the last two years, my interests in photography have diversified somewhat, a result of broadening interests and desire to explore the photographic art form, spurred on in part by fellow photographers in the Nottingham Flickr group

More recently, my work has seen me exploring both the local landscape and urban environment, with a particular emphasis on low-light and daytime long exposures. I am keen to broaden my range of skills as a photographer and will turn my camera to just about anything, given half the chance.